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Build Sustainable change and

Connect your Community

Empower your community with an online market that creates connections. The best way to support each other every time you need something.

Connect to empower

Imagine we all stop buying bread from the big corporations and start buying the bread from our neighbors. We can apply that with everything we buy.

The challenge is to find what you need when you need it. We want to change that and empower small producers from your community.

Build a market for your community

The best and most sustainable way to support a community is by buying their products and services. It’s a win-win. A Left Market is a place where all the products and services providers in your community can be found with one click. Easy!

Find everything you need

What do you need? A gardener, an accountant or you just want to buy local bread from your community. In a Left Market you can find it all!


Support someone in your community

You need a product or a service and a small business or a sole trader needs you to grow. This is how we support each other.

Get your community connected

Every time that someone in your community is looking for a product or a service, they can easily find and contact a provider in the community.


What kind of Community?

Any community could have its own Left Market. Here are some examples:

  • People of a specific nationality in another country.
  • People with disabilities in your city.
  • A church community.
  • Business in your postcode.
  • An ethnic community in your city.
  • Etc…

 Empower small business

Promote products and services made in the community for the community. Support the small business by meeting the need.

🤝 Connect your community

All together in one place, 24/7. That’s an amazing way to stay connected and support each other.

🚀 Start a sustainable Change

With a Left Market, the community grow together and stay together!

People connected

Business supported

Success Stories

Connecting the Colombian Community in Australia is the platform that connects Colombian entrepreneurs, sole traders, and business owners with their own community. The platform got more than 1000 sign-ups and 150 businesses registered in the first 2 weeks. Read more > 

Let's do it together

We are Left Market builders. We believe that ideas change the world and empowering communities is our passion.

Let's start building your own community! We will provide all you need to start as soon as possible.

Connect your community, empower small producers and lead the change.

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