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Success Story 

Connecting the Colombian Community  in Australia is the platform that connects Colombian entrepreneurs, sole traders and business owners with their own community. The platform got more than 1000 sign-ups and 150 business registered in the first 2 weeks.

Is an Australian Left Market made by Colombians for Colombians.

The Colombian community in Australia is growing every day and even though more and more Colombians have started their own businesses, it’s still hard to find Colombian food providers, Colombian barbers, or a migration agent that speak their language.

This is why has have a massive impact into the community and more and more people and business are using this Left Market to find what they need an support a “Paisano”.

For Business Owners


Find everything you need

What do you need? A gardener, an accountant or you just want to know where to get arepas in your city. In It’s Colombia you find it all!

Support a Colombian

You need a product or a service and a Colombian needs you to grow. This is how we all win!

Arepas? Sure thing!

Receive promotions that do interest you in your city. We will not send you anything that we know that you are not interested in or that is only available in another city.

For People

Reach out to those looking for you in your city

Every time a Colombian is looking for what you do, they can easily find and contact you!

Offer your products to your customer profile

Send exclusive promotions to Colombians in your city who are interested in what you do. If you sell, for example, beauty products for women, send promotions only to Colombian women in Melbourne.

Reach the heart of Colombians ❤️

Fall in love with your customers and promote your business in the warmest and friendliest community in Australia.


Let’s do it together

We are Left Market builders. We believe that ideas change the world and empowering communities is our passion.

Let’s start building your own community! We will provide all you need to start as soon as possible.

Connect your community, empower small producers and lead the change.

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